Do More Than Just View a Floor Plan with RockstarVR

Do More Than Just View a Floor Plan with RockstarVR

May 8, 2020

Online leasing may be a more necessary asset now than it ever has been before. Thankfully, Rockstar Capital has continued to remain innovative and on top of the newest technologies that we can use to help our community find the perfect home for them. Previously, we covered how you can take full advantage of the online leasing process from the comfort of your own home. Now, we are going to take a deep dive into what all Rockstar’s VR technology and Virtual Leasing Centers (VLCs) can do for you when it comes to enjoying a fully rounded leasing experience.


Communication Between You and Your Property


When you’re shopping for something as important as your new home, it is paramount to have consistent communication between you and the property of your choice. At Rockstar Capital, we enable our potential residents to see a simple 3D preview of their previously chosen floor plan through an email. This enables our residents to not only be able to easily share the location of our 3D tours with their loved ones but also allows them easy and quick access to a fully immersive 3D experience. Our text messages to you ensure that a line of communication always remains open between you and us. Ask any questions easily and quickly with a speedy text sent straight to us.


Community Search


Rockstar Capital’s portfolio currently consists of 21 properties located in the greater Houston area. We want our potential residents to be able to easily locate a property that is within their area so, we have implemented a community search function onto our website. This enables any of our website visitors to easily browse all of our properties quickly and easily before making their selection.


Property Amenities


Our various floor plans aren’t the only places that you are able to tour virtually. We have continued to implement 3D technologies into the areas that matter to our potential residents the most, our community amenities.Take a closer look at our front office, onsite gym and more all from the comfort of your own couch. We want to be able to enable you to see as much of our property virtually as you would in a traditional physical tour.


Look at More Than a Floor Plan


A traditional floor plan can give you a general idea of what your next home will look like when you arrive, but why settle for that? Our 3D floor plan tours enable you to explore your new home in a way that was once only possible during an in-person tour. Our tours give our potential residents the options that they need to truly make their tour their own. You are able to auto-play your tour and just enjoy your tour, but our tours also enable you to measure the unit itself. Plan your future home layout without having to physically step into your new living space. You are also able to view the 3Dtour from a traditional floor plan view, tour in first person, or even try the doll house view of the entire unit.


Online leasing may be new to some of our prospective residents,but Rockstar Capital has made the process easier than ever for you. Start looking at your new home today!

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