How Apartment Leasing Has Transformed in Only 60 Days

How Apartment Leasing Has Transformed in Only 60 Days

May 14, 2020

Everyone may be ordered to stay at home, but life continues on outside of our home’s walls. Someone who is needing a new place to live or is relocating for a job still needs to be able to shop for their next apartment home while also staying safe and following ordinances. Traditionally, renting an apartment is a face-to-face experience with a leasing agent and their team.


First, you show up to a property and take a tour or speak to a leasing agent about your needs and wants. Secondly, after you have visited multiple apartment sites and have chosen your next home, you have to go back into the office to sign paperwork. Lastly, you once again come into contact with your leasing agent to receive your apartment keys and move into your new home. A seemingly simple and familiar process is flipped on its head when we live in a world where daily human contact is no longer our normal. How then, are we expected to move forward?


One’s mind may first turn to one of humankind’s biggest resources, the internet. Invented in 1983, the internet has only expanded in possibilities since the invention of the World Wide Web in 1990. 30 years later and the internet is nearly unrecognizable from its humble beginnings. You have the resource but now you have to decide how, not only, to utilize it but to utilize it differently from everyone else. How do you use an on-screen platform to simulate a very personalized process?

Two years ago, Rockstar Capital implemented 3D tours of our floor plans. These tours enabled our prospective residents to feel as if they have stepped into any floor plan. Previously, we have used this technology to enable people who came in for tours to be able to see everything we offer our residents, nevermind the availability of our apartment homes at the time of their tour. Now, with the previous implementation of these 3D tours onto our websites, we have enabled anyone to be able to step into our floor plans from the comfort of their own home. We have continued to expand these tours to also show our amenities and front office. Our foresight and innovation has enabled prospective residents to tour our properties from home, but we also wanted to implement a process with a distinctive touch.


Shopping for a home is a very personal process, everyone has different wants, needs and desired features. We have expanded our online leasing process to include online guided tours on our websites, tours via video conferencing and self-guided tours. Our online guided tours on our websites show everyone who visits our webpages our biggest asset straight from the gate, our community. We want everyone who spends time looking at our apartment homes to know that Rockstar Capital doesn’t have just another apartment community to show you, we have your future dream home up on offer. After you are able to see what we have to provide, we want to take the time to show you your top needs, wants and desired features with our video conferencing tours guided by one of our leasing agents. Lastly, if you want to see our wonderful homes for yourself, we have our self-guided community tours to take advantage of.

We have covered touring, but what of signing paperwork and getting your keys? Rockstar Capital has experience with handling online documentation, and have been offering this option to our renters before they were unable to come in to see us. Signing documentation online is simple, streamlined and good for our environment but what of getting your keys? After you have chosen to live at one of our communities, on the day of your move-in your unit is cleaned, sanitized and your keys are left inside for easy retrieval. Rockstar Capital will continue to implement new procedures and processes to enable our residents to continue to live their lives, despite world events.

The leasing process may look different today than it did 60 days ago, but the heart of the process is still intact, and our leasing agents are still striving to make the process enjoyable for everyone. Apartment renting is here to stay, but only if management companies are willing to be innovative and have their resident’s at the forefront of their minds.

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