How to Take Full Advantage of Online Leasing

How to Take Full Advantage of Online Leasing

May 8, 2020

With current world events, it may seem like major life decisions may have to be put on hold. What if I told you that you are still able to go through the entire process of leasing an apartment from the comfort of your own home? Sounds like science fiction but with the advancements in technology that Rockstar Capital is utilizing in its favor and our long-time history with online leasing methods, you are still able to lease your future home without ever stepping outside of your current one.


A seemingly complicated process, leasing 100% online could not get any easier for our future residents than it is now. We are going to go over everything that you can utilize to your advantage to continue apartment shopping despite any circumstances.


Community Websites

           Your first stop when shopping for an apartment, online or in person, is to visit a community’s website. Here, you will be able to see any community amenities,videos of the property, and floor plans. At this step of the leasing process itis important to ensure that the property you are shopping meets your needs. Hastheir HVAC been updated, do they allow pets, and are there washers and dryers are all basic questions you should be asking yourself when viewing a communities website. Before falling in love with a floor plan, be sure that a community’s amenities meet what you are looking for.


Virtual 3D Tours

           You’ve taken the time to look around a property’s website and you have found that their amenities meet your needs and wants. Next it’s time to decide which floorplan you are drawn to the most. At Rockstar Capital we pride ourselves on our3D Virtual Tours. With these tours our residents are able to see any floor plan that we offer at any time, even if it’s not currently available. You can put on a VR headset and walk around your new apartment home from anywhere on the globe. If you don’t own a headset you can still explore your new apartment from the screen of your laptop or computer. This way you never have to commit to a floor plan that you haven’t seen yet.


Virtual Consultations

           Our 24/7 leasing agents are always on standby for any apartment leasing needs you may need at any time. We are able to conduct virtual consultations with you through Facetime, Zoom, Over the Phone or any video chatting service that you prefer.This way we are able to give you a closer, more personal, look at your future community. Virtual consultations are a perfect swap for traditional property tours. See our homes and get any questions you have answered right away by your leasing agent. What is there not to love about touring an entire community from the comfort of your living room?


Document Delivery & Signing

           Rockstar Capital has been delivering our documents to our potential residents digitally fora long time. This technology not only aids us in cutting down our paper use butalso enables us to get documents to anyone, anywhere. Not only can you digitally receive your documents you can also sign them digitally, no printing required. With this process, we are able to quickly deliver and file your documents into our system, enabling you to get the keys to your apartment quicker.


Getting Your Keys

           Now it’s time to receive your keys and enter your new home! Our virtual leasing process doesn’t end at this step. We are always keeping our resident’s health in mind and therefore will drop off your keys in your apartment for you to pick up,continuing the trend of no face to face contact between leasing agents and residents. On top of dropping off your keys before you arrive, Rockstar Capital also ensures that all apartments homes are cleaned and disinfected before new residents move in. Making sure that our residents feel taken care of and considered is one of our top priorities. Welcome to your new home!


Previously implemented technologies in tandem with new innovations and flexibility make Rockstar Capital one of the most prepared apartment management companies when it comes to handling completely virtual leasing. With Rockstar your apartment shopping experience will be easier than before as we take care of most of the heaving lifting for you. Visit our website and meet one of our virtual leasing agents today!

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