Meet Our Rockstars: Ashley Khalaf

Meet Our Rockstars: Ashley Khalaf

December 17, 2020

Welcome back to Meet Our Rockstars! We have a fantastic team member to introduce you to today. Ashley Khalaf has been with Rockstar for a little under two years now and has recently earned herself a promotion as the Executive Assistant. In her new role, she helps our leadership daily by organizing their day-to-day operations, planning events, and gathering all the necessary information for our team. That is just putting it simply. Ashley has a vital role in the office at Rockstar Capital. We are so excited to see all of her hard work recognized.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ashley and ask her how she got her start in the Multifamily Industry. "I began working with Tracey [Rockstar's VP of Marketing & Innovation] on something unrelated to multifamily. She loved my work ethic so much that she recruited me as the Digital & Social Media Specialist for Rockstar Capital," she said. Since then, Ashley has found a home at Rockstar and in the multifamily industry. Ashley made an impression on the leadership at Rockstar Capital quickly and was awarded the Newcomer of the Year award in 2019.

Ashley credits all of her past and future successes to her parents. "My parents raised me to work hard for what I want and to always believe in myself, no matter what. There are many lessons my parents have taught me that help me in everyday life, and I am beyond grateful for that," she said. With all successes come overcome challenges; Ashley has faced her fair share during her time at Rockstar Capital.

"The 4th Annual Breast Cancer Walk. This was the first event that I helped plan, and it was very challenging. There are so many things that go into an event that you don't think about," Ashley said. Her fantastic success at putting together our #WalkForTheCure made her stand out among all of our team members. "I took it step by step, and I was able to overcome those challenges and be a part of the team that put on our most successful walk yet."

Despite the challenges she faced, Ashley truly loved being in her previous position. "I loved working closely with everyone on the Digital Marketing team. I created relationships that will last forever," she said. Although she is sad to leave her team and start on a new journey, Ashley is also excited about things to come. "I'm very excited to work closely with the C-Suite team, learning different ways to help make their lives easier." Ashley is an integral part of our team, and she loves working with our Rockstar family, "I love that every day is different. There is always something new going on and a new obstacle to overcome."

Ashley continues to work towards her long-term goal of being a mom with a successful career. "Family means everything to me," she said. In five years, you can find Ashley at Rockstar Capital, continuing to shine bright and work towards all of her goals one step at a time.

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