Streamline Your Chores at Deerbrook Gardens

Streamline Your Chores at Deerbrook Gardens

January 12, 2021

Getting chores done is something almost no one enjoys, but I think we can all get behind the idea of streamlining our cleaning and cooking process. Well, with the layout of our apartment homes at Deerbrook Gardens in Humble, TX, you can do just that.

Everything you need to reach is not too far away, making cleaning up or laundry a breeze. While you're waiting for your dishes to wash up in the dishwasher or for your last load of laundry to dry, you could take your puppy out for a walk or playdate at our onsite dog park.

Here are some ways you can get all of your chores done faster at our apartment homes in Deerbrook Garden Apartments.

Chef's Style Kitchen

Have you ever wondered how chefs can prepare and serve a delicious meal to you and your family at your favorite restaurant? One of the many tools they have is a chef's style kitchen. This kitchen style allows you to move quickly from the cooking space to the countertop, and before you know it, your meal will be served.

Your Washer & Dryer

At Deerbrook Gardens, your washer and dryer are positioned within your kitchen. With this placement, you can easily switch from wrapping up a meal to folding your clothing.

While this placement may take some getting used to, to begin with, we are sure this placement will help generously with the time that it takes to get your work completed. With the additional counter space included in the kitchen close by, you also have ample room for folding any clothing that finishes up.


We live in a fantastic time where we have so many machines that take a lot of our work off our plate. Speaking of taking things off of our dishes, our apartment homes at Deerbrook Gardens come equipped with dishwashers in the kitchen.

A quick tip for getting your dishes especially clean without a lot of work done before a dish goes in the dishwasher, include prewash dishwasher liquid or powder. Many dishwashers have space for a detergent that gets utilized in the first 15-minute wash cycle. This cycle gets all the dirtiest and most difficult to remove food off of your dishes.

By including a bit of extra detergent in this initial cycle, you're enabling your dishwasher to do its best every wash.

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